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check point

Was looking through my previous posts, and found my self reread this post. Let me quote a part of that post here.

i have some classic and typical dream such as, having a good job, getting married to a girl of my dream, having children etc.



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up and down, right and left

Some leave, some arrive
Some part ways, some get together
Some fight, some reconcile
Some fall, some arise
Some burst in laughs, some break into tears

If there is a welcome, there is a goodbye
If there is a smile, there is a tears
If there is a bright side, there is a dark side

You may guess, you may make an assumption,
You may predict, you may make a guess

But you won’t know for certain what will be happened next year, next month, next week, tommorow, one hour later or even one second later.
Because life is not as certain as sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west.

(too many things have happened in these past few months )

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Rolling back my past blogs in Mixi(Japanese SNS),
made me wanna rewrite one of my post in english and share it here.


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Summer is over

Recent gloomy weather,

Fall that came too fast,

Some serious talk with friends,

Not so serious talk with other friends,

Reunion with a friend,

Unfamiliar feeling toward someone,

LOT of things happened.


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happy birthday!!

happy birthday, happy birthday,

happy birthday to me!!

yeah, today’s my 23rd birthday!


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