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Today i went to Disaster reduction and human inovation center in Kobe.
Basically, it’s a place  to memorate  the impact of Hanshin-Awaji Great earthquake.
Hanshin-Awaji Great earthquake was happened on Tuesday 17th January 1995 5.46 AM.
Some story can be read here.

I won’t write any detail of the quake itself, cause you can easily find it by googling, or wiki-ing.

I just don’t wanna forget the impression i got after visiting this place, and watching videos and seeing pictures there.

First, watching the impact and damage of the quake made me feel grateful that now i’m still alive, healthy and with complete family. Sometimes people like to complaint and whine about problem at work, stupid goverment, rocketing price, noisy neighbour etc,  and tend to forget thanking that they’re alive, they have work, they have place to stay etc.
Let’s thanking more for what we have now, rather than whining for what we don’t have.

Second, it was shown that after the shock, in shelters people standing in line and waiting for the volunteers distributing foods evenly. And i was wondering, Had this disaster happened in other country, would people stand patiently and wait for the food be distributed, or would they  fight for foods and take as much as they can for themselves. In other words, could i do the same thing if i were in that kind of situation? Would i give foods i got to others or just simply keep it for myself?


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