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long time no see


+-14 months has passes since the last time i updated this blog.

so let me give some brief review of what has happened in these past months.

(disclaimer: it’s not an happy nor heart warming post, instead it’s a post with lot of negative emotions)



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Are you happy now?

Because someone told me , recently i just realized that i’ve been abandoning this blog for months.

So wanna post something here.


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A brief review of 2008

My 2008 year in review


  • New Year in Seoul
  • Plant study tours
  • IBIO graduation party


  • Kohais apartment hunting
  • Heavy snow in Osaka
  • FC-Vecht II snowboard trip
  • IBIO nabe @me place
  • Back home


  • Bandung trip (w/family and alone)
  • TMII trip
  • Family portrait
  • Kota trip
  • Sandro photo session
  • JCC photo festival
  • Around Jakarta photo session


  • Welcome to new kohais
  • Lab’s life started
  • PPI hanami/Newcomers welcome event
  • Hanami @ kyoto
  • Sakura toorinuke photo session


  • Tennouji outing / A’s Osaka visit
  • Around Osaka trip with P and O
  • First presentation in lab
  • Baking @ me place/D’s birthday party


  • Euro 2008
  • It started to move
  • M’s wedding/photo session


  • First progress report in lab
  • F house warming
  • Inshi holiday started=time to study
  • B moved in
  • Pormas Kyoto


  • Yodogawa hanabi under the rain
  • 2008 olympic
  • Graduate school entrance examination
  • Y’s back in Japan
  • Baking @ me place/ O’s birthday party
  • It became more real and clearer
  • Rokko mountain trip with O and S


  • Passed the entrance examination
  • Dinner with S
  • Bakso party
  • Nagoya trip with L
  • D farewell
  • M farewell
  • COOP workshop
  • Lab trip
  • A shocking news from S


  • Couldn’t help keep thinking about it
  • Lunch and dinner @ me with L, M, R, S
  • Awaji trip with engineering guys


  • Machikanesai=lost my bike
  • Gamba match with O
  • M’s Osaka visit
  • Took the risk for it
  • Bike’s found
  • S moved out
  • OUISA sport festival
  • Kyoto momiji photo session


  • L’s Japan-Osaka visit
  • Congratulation for S’s wedding
  • JLPT test
  • Deep conversation with M
  • Christmas eve mass with M
  • IBIO wedding season (including a shocking one from D&T)
  • Ski trip with BSP
  • Crazy video shooting with O and L
  • New year eve @me with IBIO guys

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Christmas Eve!!

When you hear “Christmas” or “Christmas Eve” what pop up in your mind?


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Some year end reflection

Yesterday night i saw a news on television about a woman in Oita who will be dismissed from the company she’s working as a temporary worker by the end of this month. As a temporary worker, every month she earn only ¥18000 (roughly $200) after tax, insurance and dorm fee. She is a mother of 1.5 year child and has to live apart from her husband and child because of her work. And now after learning that she will lose her job in a few weeks she doesn’t know what to do. Because the dismissal came so sudden. (more…)

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Protected: my dear

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Misia – Everything

One of Japanese famous wedding song.


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