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christmas cakes!!

Last time my friend ask me to bake a cake for christmas. at first i thought “bake a whole cake only for two of us,are you kidding?”.

but… after that more people joined us(we had 7 of us gathered) so we decided to make 2 cakes! ichigo short cake and ganache covered gateau chocolate.



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S’s bday

Today is my housemate b’day.

Since i had no lab in the afternoon, i decided to bake her a b’day cake.

Trying to let her know nothing about my plan, i was doing everything quietly, and have it baked, i decorated the cake in my room and keep it till 00.00 before giving it to her.

Seeing cake in my hand, she said cheerfully that she knew that i was making cake,and she was searching where i hid it but she couldn’t find it. ( I knew that you’ll look for it bad girl!) :p

Cheese Sponge Cake

Doesn’t look bad right?

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