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christmas cakes!!

Last time my friend ask me to bake a cake for christmas. at first i thought “bake a whole cake only for two of us,are you kidding?”.

but… after that more people joined us(we had 7 of us gathered) so we decided to make 2 cakes! ichigo short cake and ganache covered gateau chocolate.



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happy birthday!!

happy birthday, happy birthday,

happy birthday to me!!

yeah, today’s my 23rd birthday!


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finished my last lab for this year today. feel relieved…

though having experiments finished means there are reports to write. and i have approx 3 weeks to finish 3 reports. should bring me no problem if x’mas holiday wasn’t there in the corner.

you know, holiday means fun , a LOT of fun, going out to play, traveling, eating, taking pics, thinking of future, and of course forgetting any school things. who’s crazy enough to spend valuable holiday to write school reports!! so i guess i’ll start to write ’em one week before deadline… lazy me…

anyway, feeling happy coz christmas is coming, though have NO plan for this coming holiday.

anyone free for year-end party?

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one simple word with many meanings.

this post made me to think about my own dream.

  1. is it possible to realize my dream?
  2. if it possible, what should i do to reach it?

but wait! i forgot one thing, the most important one


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Wish List

Here is my wish-list for this year.

1. A coat

coz i lost my coat during my trip to Tokyo. Must be dropped somewhere between Ginza and Shinjuku

2. A pair of sneakers

It’s been 2 years since i bought a pair of sneakers. It’s wearing off now, so need a new one.

3. A pair of glove

The one i have now isn’t fit to my hand. It’s to big. So it doesn’t fit for riding a bike.

4. A nice turtleneck sweater.

It’s winter!

5. Fix my relationship with classmate

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