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No more new housemate

Last week she called me telling that she’s found a cheap apartment.

Because she’ll get some furnitures from  her teacher, she prefer to move to new place,

so next March she won’t have to move again with all the furnitures.

Hmmmm…. have to look for someone else for sharing house.


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S’s bday

Today is my housemate b’day.

Since i had no lab in the afternoon, i decided to bake her a b’day cake.

Trying to let her know nothing about my plan, i was doing everything quietly, and have it baked, i decorated the cake in my room and keep it till 00.00 before giving it to her.

Seeing cake in my hand, she said cheerfully that she knew that i was making cake,and she was searching where i hid it but she couldn’t find it. ( I knew that you’ll look for it bad girl!) :p

Cheese Sponge Cake

Doesn’t look bad right?

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my lens’s broken…

already felt something wrong with it during my Eurotrip,

but didn’t think it happen soon….

have to ask Sigma service center, but don’t expect to much, *1

should prepare extra money to buy new lens… *2
why should it happen now, when fall scenery is around the corner *sob*

*1. zoom ring and autofocus totally out of order

*2 will cost me about $350-$700

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New Housemate


Friend: “Is someone using Yurika’s  room now?”*1

Me: “Nope, no one’s using it, why?”

Friend: “My place now is too far from campus and they have a dog here!” *2

“Bcoz K and OJ will move out next April, maybe i’ll take their place by March, but i can’t wait till March to move out. So may i stay in your place till March?” *3

Me: “For me it’s okay, but i hafta ask S and BH first” *4

*1 Yurika is our housemate from April ’06-July’07, now studying Spanish in Mexico for 1 year

*2 She stays in a pavilion of Japanese family’s house

* 3 Here in Japan, when you sign a contract for renting an apartment you’re required to pay a deposit and “thank you” money which roughly equals 5-6 months rent. But if you takeover someone’s contract usually you don’t have to pay it.

*4 my others housemate

After talking with S and BH, they said no problem if my friend wanna move in, bcoz it’ll make our rent cheaper by 20%.

So it’s a deal! New housemate from next month!

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Uploaded few pics of my Eurotrip.

Have a look at ’em

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1st post

Just another account in virtual world.

Hope i can find extra time to work with this one.

I’m writing in English here not to show off or whatever. I just wanna to practice my English. *1

Critics are always welcome.

*1 FYI, i live in Japan where English is seldom used, so there’s hardly any chance for me to use English in daily life

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